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Member Benefits

What is a St. James NEST Member?

St. James NEST Members are those who receive services, provided by St. James NEST volunteers. Members pay a small annual membership fee to join St. James NEST, to be eligible for services.


Services Offered by St. James NEST

Basic Home Assistance (three hour maximum per visit): Troubleshooting home maintenance issues; taking out trash barrels; changing light bulbs or batteries, changing filters for HVAC and appliances; moving small items; hanging a picture; helping with holiday or seasonal décor. Does not include services which requires a license such as plumbing and electrical.

Friendly Visit:  Visiting a Member at their home, taking walks, providing brief caregiver respite, retrieving mail

Grocery/Drug Store Shopping, Pickup of pre-ordered items at local stores: Groceries, mailing packages, drugstore items or dry cleaning.

Technology Services: Providing basic hands-on assistance with issues related to common personal/in-home technology devices or related software/applications. For details, see our Tech Connect description page.

Transportation: Transporting Members to medical and personal care appointments, religious services, bank visits, SJP facilities and other mutually agreed upon destinations within our transportation service area.

Wellness Phone Calls: Phone calls to members on a daily/every other day/weekly basis.

Residents of St. James Plantation are welcome to sign up for membership in our organization. You can sign up for membership here or call our Help Desk at (910) 250-8388. All services are provided by residents of St. James who have volunteered to help. Once you are a Member, you can request services here