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What is St. James NEST?

St. James NEST (SJNEST) is a volunteer 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization made up of St. James' neighbors helping neighbors within St. James Plantation.  Its purpose is to provide services and support to St. James' residents to enhance their ability to make 'aging in place' a reality.  Whether your needs are for transportation to appointments, minor home or personal assistance, or simply a daily check up call, our Volunteers are available to help.

St. James NEST is part of the national village movement which started in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood, more than twenty years ago. The village movement is an innovative concept that has emerged in the last decade in the field of support services for community-dwelling older adults. The village movement is one of the most viable options to let our society cope with the upcoming “Revolution Aging.

*Photo credit: Many thanks to St. James resident, Nick Noble, for sharing his gorgeous photo of the St. James Beach Club for our home page!

Help Desk Phone Number: (910)250-8388

We looked beyond conventional solutions. We wanted more freedom and control than we found in models that focus on single issues, such as housing, medical care, or social activities. We wanted to be active, taking care of ourselves and each other rather than being “taken care of."

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