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St. James NEST Committees


Help Desk Committee

Ann Bobeck, Chair

Linda Lewis

Miriam Matteoti

Kathy Ragan

Help Desk Phone Number: (910)250-8388

Information Technology Committee

Sheila Sullivan, Chair

Jerry Passione

Gary Persico

Marketing Committee

Meg Meyer, Chair

Paul Askew

Lori Foster

Pat Grecco

Cate Guinn

Paula Jackson

Nancy Leoncavallo

Membership Committee

Ellen deGroof, Chair

Valerie McGhee, Membership Coordinator

Patti Pelton, Administrative Assistant


Founders/Players: Deborah Bean and Sue Walker

Georgetown:  Barbara Gregory

Marina Area:  Diana Hong and Holly Anderson

Reserve:  Anita Pedvis and Ellen deGroof

Woodlands: Linda Gehring and Denise Hamer

Floater: Yupei O'Toole


Volunteer Committee

Linda Shaw, Chair

Training Coordinators

Cindy Hauman

Barbara Voss

Just Checking In Team Leaders

Peggy Persico

Marie Danco

Helping Hands Team Leaders

Melody Ryan

Ann Hazelton

Going My Way Team Leaders

Debbie Henderson

Stillman St. Clair

Tech Connect Team Leader

Jerry Passione


A big THANK YOU to all of our Committee Members!

We'd also like to thank past committee chairs, Judy Harper (Compliance), David Kelly (Finance) and Valerie McGhee (Membership) who were instrumental in getting St. James NEST off the ground.

Thanks also goes to Bob Bennett, Mary Ellen Cueny, Bob Kanich, Nick Noble and Len Trizinsky who shared their special talents as we created St. James NEST.