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As of January 1st, 2021, St. James NEST is officially up and running! We have over 60 NEST Members who are receiving services from almost 60 active Volunteers. As we increase our Membership, we will slowly increase the number of Volunteers as needed. We currently have a Volunteer waiting list, so we will initially bring on those that have been on our waitlist the longest and have expressed an interest in providing the services where we currently have the greatest Member needs. New Volunteers will be added to the waitlist and activated when we have enough new Members to serve.

In addition to needing Volunteers to perform direct services for Members, we also have a need for "Village Builder" Volunteers - volunteers who help keep St. James NEST running smoothly. Currently, we have needs in the following areas:

  • Volunteers who would be interested in helping the Member Team as Member Area Liaisons.   A Member Area Liaison will welcome new Members in their neighborhood, assess needs that St. James NEST will be able to help with, periodically keep in touch with their area members, and help with putting a service plan together when sudden changes in circumstances arise for a Member.

  • Volunteers with experience in various types of marketing, such as HTML/website development; writing articles for various publications; writing and deploying emails through our Email service provider, Mail Chimp.

  • Volunteers to bolster our Information Technology team. The two primary areas of IT focus are serving as an interface between NEST and our software provider, Helpful Village, and helping maintain our Google Suite of tools to support the Village builder team.

  • Volunteers to support our legal and compliance efforts.

If you can provide assistance in any of the above areas, please fill out our volunteer application form and we will be in touch with you soon. Many thanks for your willingness to provide your time and energy to your fellow St. James residents!